About My Blog

Welcome! Thank you for visiting my blog!

I’ve created Kate’s Beautiful Journey to share with you my journey into the world of YouTube, blogging, and being a Microinfluencer. I want to share my passion for Beauty, Fashion, Jewelry, Lifestyle, and Wellness with other like-minded individuals! I also enjoy Arts & Crafts, so you may just see an entry or two about that topic.

In this new blog, I’ll be writing about my journey into creating my own YouTube Channel and starting off as a Microinfluencer. I do a lot of work with brands by promoting their products mainly on my Instagram page and my brand new Channel on YouTube. I only work with brands if I’m passionate about the brand, what they stand for, and their product. You can rest assured that all of my content is authentic, genuine, and from the heart!

As I’ve mentioned above, some of the topics that I’ll be writing about include:

  • Beauty – As a hardcore beauty lover, I love posting about makeup, skincare, haircare, nails, and everything else related to beauty! This is certainly one of my very favorite topics! ❤
  • Fashion & Jewelry – You can expect to read some articles on my blog relating to Fashion & Jewelry. I’ll have lots of photos, as well, including some pictures of me showcasing some fashionable clothing and accessories!
  • Lifestyle & Wellness – I believe that beauty begins on the inside, and I’m not just talking about your beautiful personality! I really enjoy doing whatever I can to keep myself healthy and treat my body right. You can expect lots of posts relating to topics such as Vitamins & Supplements, Aromatherapy (candles, essential oils, etc.), Ambiance, Positivity, Aging Gracefully, Home Decor, Loved Ones, and much more! There will basically be a pot luck of posts about living your best life!
  • Social Media – How can I leave out one of the biggest topics that my blog revolves around? I’ll definitely be writing a lot about my Journey Into YouTube, and what is going on with my venture into being an Influencer.

There will be more than just these topics, such as the aforementioned Arts & Crafts topic, but these are the main topics on which I’ll be writing about most often.

I hope you’re as interested in these topics as much as I am, because I’d love for you to read about my journey. If you are, then that’s fantastic! I love meeting new people. We should be friends! Please visit often, as I’ve got a lot planned for my blog, and I’d love for you to enjoy my content!

I’m just beginning my journey, and I’d love for you to come along for the ride! I want to share all of my posts, experiences, and so much more with you! If you’re up for the awesome trip, then strap yourself in, and follow my blog!

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